Current Books

As many of our members currently have books available in print or ebook, we’ve decided to list all of them in one central location for easy reference. If you would like to buy any of them, please click on the book title you wish to purchase and you’ll be taken to the relevant online shop.

West Lothian Writers Anthologies – Spectral Notes, Notes from the Multiverse, A Purple Notebook, A Well Travelled Notebook

Eric McFarlane – A Clear Solution, Seline’s World Humorous Short Stories for a Grey Day

Nadine Little – Captivity, Salvation Road, Homecoming, Nationless Will Fall, Who the Monsters Are, We Are Not Angles.

Chris Young – Old Mice Killer, Coffee Cup Killer

Craig Elliot – Murder at Alpine Manor

Cheryl Baker – Out of Time, Out of Step, 1392 Into the Storm

Susi Smith – Chocolate Cake and a Corpse