AnthologiesSince 2013 West Lothian Writers have been producing anthologies to promote the work of our members. So far we have produced two anthologies From the Purple Notebook and the Well Travelled Notebook.

From the Purple Notebook

Published on 14th March 2014, From the Purple Notebook featured eleven of our members and was edited by the then committee of West Lothian Writers Stephen Shirres, Eric McFarlane and Anne E. Edwards. Containing x number of stories and poems the book was a huge success and is available to buy from Lulu.

A Well Travelled Notebook

Our second anthology was published in November 2015 and featured fourteen of our members as well as increased editing team with Norman Geddes and Sally Thomson joining the previous three editors. For the second volume an accidental theme of travel emerge during the editing process and this resulted in the name of the anthology. If you wish to purchase a copy of A Well Travelled Notebook you can do so here.


Before West Lothian Writers started publishing anthologies quite a few of our members were featured in the three issues of West Lothian’s writing magazine Ironstone. You can find out about the magazine and read the second and third issue here.