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My Experience of Being Professional Edited

My Experience of Being Professional Edited

As you will know by now Eric has recently had his first novel, A Clear Solution published by Accent Press. We at the West Lothian Writers Website thought this would be a great opportunity to hear from Eric about the experience of being professional edited, something that many unpublished writers worry about. After the break we’ll hand …

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Making Editing Joyful

For some all the fun in writing, whether prose or poetry, is the first draft when you can let your creative imagination go and you can write whatever you like. The next stage, editing, is seen like hard work and boring. Mabel E. Wetherbee disagrees saying: Going back and editing is the best part of …

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13 Words or Phrases To Remove From Your Writing

13 Unlucky Words or Phrases That Should Be Removed From Your Writing

We have said before and we will say again that the purpose of the first draft is to exist which means, for the only time in the writing process all rules can go out of the window. It doesn’t matter whether your Point of View stays consistent or whether you jump from past tense to …

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How to Edit Your Own Work

How to edit your own work can feel as scary as first putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. The first thing to remember is this quote from Sarah Stewart: Completely disregard all [editing] advice when working on your first draft. Write freely and just get your words down on the page. Once you …

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Editing Hints & Tips

“Books are not written–they’re rewritten.” Michael Crichton Almost every writer in existence will have heard advice similar to the Michael Crichton quote. While searching for the above quote I came across similar versions from Roald Dahl, Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Nabokov.  Anyway the reason for the above quote is that today we are talking about re-writing …

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Editing – Where to Start


Stephen King once said that To write is human, to edit is divine. Yet how do you become good at this divine art? Well let us at West Lothian Writers – and a few articles we found on the net help you! Everything you could possibly want to know is inside!

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