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Welcome to the West Lothian Writers’ Website.

Our aim is to support anyone living in or from West Lothian with their creative writing. We meet every second Tuesday in the South Barn of Nether Dechmont Farm between 7pm and 9pm. At our meetings we give our members the chance to present their creative writing by reading it a loud to the members and then receiving friendly and constructive feedback. All feedback is suggestive so you don’t have to follow any of it if you don’t want to. We ask that any work being presented follow these rules:

  • Please make pieces 1500 words or less
  • Please print out your piece on A4 paper, single sided with at least 1.5 spacing
  • Please bring seven or more copies.
  • Include page numbers or line numbers if possible.

How to Find Us

The full address of where we meet is

South Barn of Nether Dechmont Farm,

Fells Rigg,



EH54 8AX

You can use the map below to find us.

Date of Next Meeting

You can check the date of our next meeting on the calendar below. It is a google calendar so you can download it onto your own google calendar if you wish to:

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Members New Work

Our member, Jenifer Harle, has been working tirelessly with the Federation of Writers Scotland to produce their new work, the anthology High Tide.

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Getting to grips with point of view

Point of view can be thought of like a camera. Point of view is a key tool for any writer trying to tell a story and, at times, it can be difficult to get right. It’s worth taking a little time to understand and chose which form is best for a story and stay consistent. …

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Edge Lit-6 Conversation Part 3

Edge Lit-6 Convention Part 3

Over the past few days we’ve been bring you Nadine Little‘s experiences of this year’s Edge Lit-6 Conversation. You can read Part 1 here and you can read Part 2 here. In the final part includes her report of a Samantha Shannon Q&A and two other workshops. Like us? Then please share us…DiggemailFacebookRedditStumbleUponTwitter

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Edge Lit-6 Convention Part 2

Yesterday we published the first part of Nadine Little’s trip to Edge Lit-6. Today you can read the second part of her adventure which looks at the first workshop she attended. You can read what happened below the break Like us? Then please share us…DiggemailFacebookRedditStumbleUponTwitter

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