Writing Exercises: Description

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It has been a while since we post some writing exercises. Often they are mixed in with other posts but today we are posting three exercises all focusing on description, so set aside from time, grab a pen and paper. Why not share your stories below in the comments section or on our Facebook page. We’d love to read them.

Embrace the Present Moment

We are starting today with a very simple but effective writing exercise from Marianne Richmond at The Write Practice. She would like you:

For fifteen minutes, write about the present moment. What do you feel? Hear? See?  Really pay attention to the details of right now and let that flow onto your paper, feeling with it a release of any tension associated with future to-dos and deadlines.

Check out the reasons why Marianne loves this exercise so much in her article Embrace the Present Moment Writing Prompt on The Write Practice.

Describing Snow

The second of today’s writing exercises comes from Write Divas and they would like you to:

Write a scene where your character is describing snow to someone who’s never experienced it before.

This is a really different challenge and forces you to step away from the common descriptions we use in our day to day lives. If you enjoy this exercise check out the other writing exercises Write Divas have on their website.

Writing Exercises: DescriptionWho Is This Man?

Our final writing exercise for today is one of our own all the way back in February 2014 called Who Is This Man?. We asked you to describe the man in the picture opposite using the following four steps:

  1. Clear your mind.
  2. Look at the picture and write down any words that come to mind. Keep doing this for five minutes. Don’t worry about what the words are at this stage, just write them down.
  3. Once the five minutes are up, look at the list in front of you and highlight five words. These could be the words that stand out to you most.
  4. Using these five words, write about the man for the next five minutes or so.

To find out Who Is This Man? go to the article but we’d suggest you try the exercise first! Thanks again to Craig from [untitled] for letting us use his picture.

Post the results of the exercises in the comments.

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