Who Is This Man?

February 6, 2014 by 1 Comment

Who Is This Man?For our second writing exercise we can thank Craig from [Untitled] for providing this great image to inspire countless poems and stories. So clear your diary for the next half hour or so and answer the question at the top of this article.

Who Is This Man?

We suggest you approach this challenge with the following steps (you’ll need a stop watch):

  1. First, clear your mind. Maybe you’ll want to close your eyes, go for a walk around your home. Pick whatever method you prefer.
  2. Write down all the words that come to your mind when you look at the picture for the next five minutes. They can be description, personality anything. No one will look at this list so don’t worry about what you write down.
  3. Re-read the list in front of you. Highlight the five words that most stand out for you.
  4. Using these five words, write about the man for the next five minutes or so.
  5. Put away what you have just written in a draw or save it on your computer and forget about it for a week. Once that time has passed re-examine your work and bring the final product to one of our meetings on a Tuesday night.

There is an answer

For once in creative writing there is an answer to our question. To find out who it is click here as we feel the answer may colour your choices in the exercise above. Once you have finished your writing you may want to compare your fictional counter part to the real man and see who is more interesting!

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