Writing for Children

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Writing for Children

Quite a few of our members write stories for Children and we thought we’d people by uploading some tips for Writing for Children. These tips comes from Writers and Artists, Socialpolitan Fiction Writing Craft and Writing.ie and can be found below the break.

Where to Start

On Socialpolitan Fiction Writing Craft Caterina Christakos, in her article Children’s Book: A Guide To Creative Writing That Sells, gives four places to look for inspiration. They are:

  1. Go to the local book shop and read the writing magazines.
  2. Look at the current Writer’s Guide.
  3. Check out the bookshelves to see which children’s books are featured. Is there a trend or pattern?
  4. Ask kids what their favourite books are. Ask them why they like one over the other.

You can read the whole of over on Socialpolitan Fiction Writing Craft where you’ll see the detail behind each of her points along with some other ideas!

Once You’ve Decided To Write

So you’ve done your research and now want to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!). Luckily Sheena Wilkinson has written the perfect article for you over at writing.ie. We are only going to highlight her last four tips in her article Top 5 Tips for Writing For Kids because the first agrees with Caterina above. You can find out which one it is by heading over to writing.ie

  1. Write in the best way that works for you.
  2. Give yourself goals.
  3. Fall in love…with your book.
  4. Don’t be precious! Listen to anyone who suggests your book could be improved.

If you haven’t already go and visit writing.ie to see the detail behind each of Sheena‘s points. They are useful for any kind of writing.

How To Turn One Into Many

You’ve now completed your children’s story – because it is of course that easy! – but you now want to turn your own off tale into a series. Jane Lawes provides a list of the things that a connected series of books need in her article Writing a Children’s Series on the Writers & Artists Website. The list includes:

  • Love your setting
  • Love your characters
  • Focus on Book One
  • When it comes to pitching a series to an agent or a publisher, the first book is the most important
  • Remember the past
  • Make lists.

Of course you’ll need to read Writing a Children’s Series to see why Jane says you need these things for a book series. Also you’ll see the tip that connects Jane, Caterina and Sheena. By now you’ve probably guessed what it is!

What tips would you recommend to someone wanting to write a story for children?

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