Write Poems about Nature

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Write Poems about Nature

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Due to our location at Linlithgow Canal Centre a lot of our writing at From The Blank Page To The Written Word focused on nature and the world around us. With this in mind we thought we should share from of the exercises Janis Mackay used that day, along with a few articles we found on some great writing websites to help you Write Poems About Nature.

Janis’ Exercises

The first of Janis‘ exercises is quite simple. All you have to do is complete the five sentences below. If you follow her format it even creates a wee poem:

First thing this morning I felt…

First thing this morning I heard…

First thing this morning I saw…

First thing this morning I smelt…

First thing this morning I tasted…

First thing this morning I hoped…

Janis‘ second exercise is even more simple. With the ideas above talk a walk for about ten minutes in an area or place you’d like to write about. This is best done by yourself as you want no distractions. When you notice something, note it down on your notepad. Once your ten minutes are up you’ll find you’ve written down lots of things which could be used as a piece of description, a line of poetry or inspiration for a poem

The Ten Steps To Follow When Writing A Poem About Nature

The website Wiki How follows a similar process in its article Write Your Own Poem About Nature. It’s ten step process can be found below, but for more information behind each point check out the article itself:

  1. Take some writing materials and venture into nature
  2. Look around you
  3. Close your eyes and listen (if your location permits) to the sounds of nature
  4. Take a deep breath in and sense your surroundings
  5. Think of some key words that come to mind when you observe your surroundings and write them down
  6. Concentrate on these words and how your surroundings make you feel
  7. When you feel the time is right, start your poem
  8. Choose a writing style you feel comfortable with
  9. When you start writing, do so without editing or going back
  10. When you’ve finished writing your poem, take a few moments to sense your surroundings again

Some General Tips to Think About

Now you have your poem, lets look at how we can improve it. We especially like Writer’s Relief’s 5 Techniques for Writing Better Nature Poetry. They are:

  1. Avoid the expected
  2. Be prepared
  3. Personify with awareness
  4. Don’t ignore the effects of human involvement
  5. Be aware of your message

Check out 5 Techniques for Writing Better Nature Poetry to see the detail behind each point. Of course another way to improve your peom is to bring it along to  our next meeting. We’d love to hear your poem and perhaps we can offer you some more personal advice on improve your work.

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