Transforming Your Writing in 2015

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Transforming Your Writing in 2015At this time of year everyone is making New Year’s Resolutions, you may have made one yourself. I’d imagine the majority of you who are reading this website will have some kind of creative writing resolution and we are here to help with a series of questions and points taken from three of our favourite websites that should help you.

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Finally, if your New Year’s Resolution is to submit to more magazines or enter more competitions then either check our Continuous Submissions page or our monthly Submissions and Competitions Post.

7 Questions that Will Transform Your Writing in the New Year

We are starting our advice today with three quotes from Jennie Nash‘s article 7 Questions that Will Transform Your Writing in the New Year on The Write Practice:

Start believing that you are writing in order to reach readers.

Start believing that you have something worth saying.

Start giving yourself permission to think about how your words might become a book and how your book might exist in the world.

She believes if you start believing these three things then you will give yourself the permission to become a writer. Of course Jennie offers some practical advice as well which take the form of seven questions. They are:

  1. What’s your point?
  2. Who will care?
  3. What else is out there?
  4. How will the product look and feel?
  5. How will you measure success?
  6. How will you reach your reader?
  7. When will you launch?

To read the detail of each point head over to The Write Practice and read Jennie‘s 7 Questions that Will Transform Your Writing in the New Year.

Five Tips to Improve Your Day to Day Writing

To answer the 7 Questions set by Jennie Nash you need to create a writing routine. At this point we would suggest you check out one of our earlier articles Word Counts from May 2014. In a similar vain to the advice you’ll find there, Writer’s Relief provide an additional five steps to improve the amount you write each day in their article The Need For Speed: How To Write Faster in Five Easy Steps. The five steps are:

  1. Pinpoint your best time of day
  2. Clear your head and set an intention
  3. Set a timer
  4. Take breaks
  5. Turn off your inner critic

Head over to Writer’s Relief to read the reasons behind each of the steps. We think you’ll find it will be worth it.

What are you New Year’s Writing Resolutions? Why not post them in the comments below

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