Quick Tips for Creating Character

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Quick Tips for Creating CharacterCreating characters is easy on one level. All you need is a name and some basic details such as gender, age etc. However, if you want them to resonate with your readers then they need to feel real. Today we are going at this using some quick tips from Bang2Write and Cut Scene Addict.

What Are You Trying To Do?

Let’s start with Bang2Write. In their article Top 7 Writing Tips for Great Characterisation Lucy V Hay looks at the seven things writers need to think about when you are creating a character. The seven things are:

  1. What you’re trying to achieve
  2. Why you’re trying to achieve it
  3. How the character enters the story
  4. What level of complexity you need
  5. What level of “unusual” you’re experimenting with
  6. What journey the character takes
  7. Knowing that *someone* will always hate your character!

Head over to Bang2Write to read Top 7 Writing Tips for Great Characterisation to see the details behind each of Lucy‘s points.

The Next Step

Now you know what you are doing with your character we head over to Casey Lynn Covel’s Tumblr to look at 5 Ways to make your Characters “Click with Readers. The five ways are:

  1. The Power of Vulnerability
  2. Proximity Brings Characters Closer
  3. Resonance Builds Relationships
  4. Similarity: Quantity Trumps Quality
  5. Shared Adversity is the Strongest Bond

What is great about 5 Ways to make your Characters “Click with Readers is that Casey goes into huge amount of detail on each of her points. Go over and have a read. You won’t regret it.

How do you create characters? Tell us in the comments below!

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