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micWith our Performance Workshop with Polly Philips only a few days away we thought it was the right time to look at the subject on the website. Performance in creative writing is the same as any other creative industry as in it is piece of entertainment presented to an audience, usual live. Some people will have read that last paragraph and gone into a cold sweat. Don’t worry we’ve got some great advice from Writer’s Relief and Vivian French coming up which will help you. Just remember that, as Writer’s Relief says,

Remember that the people in the audience are there because they WANT to hear what you’ve written. The odds of success are in your favor even before you open your mouth to read!

Ten Tips for Reading Your Work Aloud

Continuing with Writer’s Relief let’s look at their Ten Tips for Reading Your Writing In Public. They are:

  1. Be prepared
  2. Familiarize yourself with the venue
  3. Choose lively material
  4. Maintain an audible volume
  5. Maintain eye contact
  6. Maintain a good tone
  7. Be aware of your body language
  8. Regulate your speed
  9. Respect your allotted time
  10. Relax

We strongly recommend that you check out Ten Tips for Reading Your Writing In Public on the Writer’s Relief website to see all the detail behind each of their tips. On the same website you’ll also find an additional seven tips. All worth reading and remembering.


Coming at performance from a more storytelling angle we’ll finish today’s writing advice article with a video from author Vivian French. Her tips focus much more on content and rather than what the performer needs to do. Enjoy!

What are your Performance Tips? Tell us below in the comments!

Performance Tips from @WLWriters (Tweet this advice)

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