Motivation and Productivity

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Motivation and Productivity

Today we thought we’d look at the topics of Motivation and Productivity in creative writing with advice from Suzanne Lieurance on Women Writers, Women(‘s) Books and Susan Dennard from The Write Life. Although we should say now that the advice from one of these wonderful women resulted, for the first time I think, a response from WLW website editor. Check below the break to see what has caused this surprising result.


We’ll start with motivation as you need that before you can be productive. In her article How To Stay Motivated to Finish Your Writing, Suzanne Lieurance lists the things that keep her motivated:

  • Get a contract first, if possible
  • Outline or plan the project in as much detail as you can first
  • Know what you need to write BEFORE you sit down for a writing session
  • Set aside specific blocks of time to work on each project
  • Forget about everything else when you’re working on a project
  • Realise that most projects seem overwhelming at some point
  • Don’t strive for perfection

While we like Suzanne‘s advice, and we recommend that you go and read her article in full, we feel we should we need to add a qualification to a couple of her points. As a writer Suzanne seems plans out her writing in details before she puts pen to paper, or indeed fingers to keyboard. However, many find this style of writing has the opposite effect on them as they enjoy discovering the story as they write it. Emma Mooney discusses this very topic in the first part of our interview with her back in October 2014.


Motivation and ProductivityOnce you’ve got motivated to write how do you turn into productive session. Susan Dennard discusses her 6 Smart Ways to Increase Productivity and Creativity over on The Write Life. Her six steps are:

  1. Ritual
  2. Routine
  3. Rhythm
  4. Realism
  5. Reset
  6. Record

Of course Susan‘s method is not as simple as six words so you’ll have to head over to The Write Life to read the detail of behind her 6 Smart Ways to Increase Productivity and Creativity.

How do you stay motivated and productive when writing? Tell us in the comments below!

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