Making Editing Joyful

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For some all the fun in writing, whether prose or poetry, is the first draft when you can let your creative imagination go and you can write whatever you like. The next stage, editing, is seen like hard work and boring. Mabel E. Wetherbee disagrees saying:

Going back and editing is the best part of writing; it’s like reading an interactive novel. ‘Oh I wish the author used this word here or had this dramatic reveal there…oh that’s right! I am the author!’

How do you turn your dislike of editing into Mabel’s joyful excitement? Well, we are here to help. Click below to find out more!

We have talked about the subject of editing before in articles like Editing – Where To Start and many others. Today’s article will contain similar advice but considering how important it is, we think it is worth mentioning again so let’s start with Eight Simple Tips for Editing Your Own Work from the Write To Done website.

Eight Simple Tips for Editing Your Own Work

  1. Don’t edit while you’re writing
  2. Put your work aside for a few days
  3. Read through in a different format
  4. Edit for structure and content first
  5. Cut out 10% of your words
  6. Use spell-check but use your eyes too
  7. Read your piece backwards (or slowly)
  8. Let it go

As always we encourage you to head over to Write To Done to read the full detail behind each of the Eight Simple Tips for Editing Your Own Work.

Editing for Dummies

Now you have read the article Eight Simple Tips for Editing Your Own Work we suggest you check out Rewriting and Editing Your Creative Writing Project from the guys behind Dummies books. From their Creative Writing for Dummies Cheat Sheet series, they suggest the following question you should consider when editing your work, such as:

  • What do you need to take out
  • What you need to expand
  • What you need to move

Each question has four or five bulletin points under each and Dummies has a final section which is a great check list for the final edit of your work. You can find all the information on‘s Rewriting and Editing Your Creative Writing Project

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