How to Write Exciting Description

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In any form of writing description plays a major part whether in poetry, prose or non fiction. The hard part is making the description exciting so it grabs your reader. Today we are going to look at this issue with the help of io9 and Writer’s Digest. Below you will find lots of exciting, interesting advice…we hope!

In io9‘s article, How to Write Descriptive Passages Without Boring the Reader or Yourself, Charlie Jane Anders argues that while there is no solution to making your descriptions interesting and exciting, the following points should make a big difference:

  • Commit to never being boring
  • Engage all five senses
  • Try being super terse
  • Make it dynamic rather than static
  • Make fun of the thing you’re describing
  • Project feelings onto an inanimate object
  • Give your POV some visceral or emotional reaction
  • Use less dialogue
  • Use description to set up a punchline in dialogue

As always with a Charlie Jane Anders artcile there is a lot of detail behind each point so head over to io9 and read How to Write Descriptive Passages Without Boring the Reader or Yourself for yourself. Agreeing with Charlie Jane Anders is Rachel Scheller who, over on Writer’s Digest, gives these suggestions on how to Create Powerful Imagery in Your Writing:

  • Paint the image in small bites
  • Incorporate images into action
  • See through the character’s eyes
  • Use the tiny but telling detail
  • Choose action-bearing verbs and non-verbs
  • Invent fresh viewpoints
  • Create an image without saying so

The best bit about Create Powerful Imagery in Your Writing is that Rachel Scheller provides examples for most of her points so head over to Writer’s Digest and give her article a read.

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