Let’s Talk About Fear

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Let's Talk About FearLet’s talk about the fear. The thing that holds you back and stops the words hitting the page. Every writer, including the most successful one, suffer from it. The good news however, is that you can over come it. How I hear you ask? Well you’ll find out below!

What Is The Fear?

First we need to start by defining what is the Fear. Luckily K. M. Weiland breaks down her thoughts on the subject into five points in her article 5 Signs You’re Hiding Behind Your Writing and 5 Ways to Use It As A Mirror Instead. The five points are (to read the explanation behind each point click on the link above):

  1.  You’re afraid of what people will think of you when they read your story
  2. You like to use big words so people will think you’re smart
  3. You’re following the trends instead of following your heart
  4. You freeze whenever you have to write an emotional scene
  5. You avoid writing the subjects about which you’re passionate

If you suffer from any of these problems then your creativity will be stiffened which will result in poorer writing. Once you realise you have the Fear how do you overcome it? We have two alternative methods that you can use.


The first is from the K. M. Weiland article we mentioned above. Mirroring is a very simple process where you the issue that is causing the fear – for example point 3 – and forcing yourself to write about that. As K. M. Weiland says:

 If we’re honest in our writing, we leave readers no choice but to be honest right back. There’s no greater gift we can give a reader than the glimpse of ourselves that will prompt them to look deeper into their own inner workings.

Check out 5 Signs You’re Hiding Behind Your Writing and 5 Ways to Use It As A Mirror Instead to find out how to mirror in more detail.

A Three Step Process

A similar approach comes from Becca Puglisi who recommends you try the following three steps:

  1. Examine the problematic area so you can identify and name the fear
  2. If your fear is based on a lie (as many of them are), replace the lie with the truth
  3. Make a plan and take steps

To read the reasons behind Becca Puglisi‘s points check out her article Purging Your Writing Fear on The Write Practice.  She also includes an exercise you can try as well.

Let us know what gives you the Fear in your writing in the comments below. Someone else will probably have suffered from the same problems and maybe able to help you.

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