Flash Fiction Writing Tips

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With the rise of the internet Flash Fiction has become a bigger and bigger so we thought we should look at Flash Fiction and provide some advice for those who want to try the format. Of course, let’s start with a definition.

What is Flash Fiction?

When looking at a new kind of writing getting a definition is always important. Today we using Writing Forward‘s from their article Flash Fiction Writing Exercises. They define Flash Fiction as:

Flash fiction is a short story that is extremely brief. There is no official word limit, but generally, stories of fewer than 1000-2000 words would fall under the flash category.

Flash Your Fiction

For those who have never written Flash Fiction before why not try this exercise from Writing Forward:

  1. Select a short story you’ve written. You can do this exercise with an entire manuscript, or with a story that is just a couple of pages long, but ten pages is ideal.
  2. First, save the file with a new name so you don’t lose your original work.
  3. Then go through the piece and remove every single adjective and adverb.
  4. Next, remove words, phrases, and sentences that do not move the action of the story forward, especially if they are solely there for description.
  5. Finally, go through the story one last time removing as much as you can without making the piece unintelligible.

This is just one of the many writing exercises in Writing Forward‘s article Flash Fiction Writing Exercises.

Six Flash Fiction Writing Tips

Flash Fiction Writing Tips

Lancaster University students guide to writing flash fiction. Think of it like jenga. Picture from Zoe Lambert

Now we’ve got an idea of what Flash Fiction is let’s have a look at some tips to improve your work. We’ll start  with the Short Story & Flash Fiction Society and their Three Infallible Tips for Writing Flash Fiction. You should definitely read the detail behind each of the Three Infallible Tips as the tips themselves are a bit difficult to understand them without it!

  1. Develop a fear of death
  2. Become a drama queen
  3. Be insecure and a perfectionist at the same time

The second three tips comes from T.K. Young from Flash Fiction Blog. Writing on The Woven Tale Press website he looks at the importance of keeping focused when writing a piece of flash fiction. His three tips are:

  • Lack of understanding of your story’s true plot
  • Misunderstanding what a reader needs to see
  • Writing for yourself and not the story

Head over to The Woven Tale Press Website to read T.K. Young’s article Focusing Your Flash Fiction to read the very helpful detail behind each of this points.

Have you written any Flash Fiction? Why not bring it along to our next meeting!

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