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A couple of months ago now I posted the question below on our Twitter feed:

and we got the following reply from Mary Gristwood:

So here is, a slightly late, post about Creative Confidence and how to keep it while you write/edit.


First it has to be said that it takes a lot of confidence to be a writer. All the time you are asking people for feedback and, if you are sending your work out to magazines and publishers, you will often receive rejection. Arguably the easiest place to lose your confidence is when you have just completed your first draft. Conventional thought will tell you that your first draft is always bad, however, Bryan Hutchinson in his article Why Your First Draft Isn’t Crap on Positive Writer, believes the opposite is true. For him:

Your first draft matters the most.

A first draft is perhaps the most important step to completing your project. It’s special. A first draft is what matters more than any other draft, even more important than your final draft!

No one’s ever gotten to the last without the first. Well, at least I haven’t.

– See more at:

Indeed Bryan goes onto quote Michael Lee who said

The first draft reveals the art, revision reveals the artist.

How to become Confident

It is all very well me telling you to not worry about your first draft, or any draft for that matter, but how do you get over this issue. Writer’s Relief, in their post Building Confidence In Your Craft have a whole list of points. Here are my favourite three:

  • Review your best work as evidence – no one can take your work away from you. Look back at the good things you have written and enjoy them
  • Share your work – most of the people who read your work will like and enjoy it, so enjoy the positive feedback
  • Remind yourself why you are a writer – there must be a reason why you

You can read the other five points on the Writer’s Relief Website.

Why self doubt is important

However, it is important to remember that self doubt has its uses. As the website Aliventures points out in their article Recover Your Writing Confidence self doubt allows you to:

  • Revise and edit your work thoroughly
  • Seek a second option before publishing your writing
  • Continue learning and practicing as you develop your craft

Self doubt will help you learn and improve.

What are your tips for boosting your confidence while you write?

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