Building Stronger Heroes and Villains

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Today we are going to look at how to create stronger heroes and villains – in a writing sense of course! The first thing to say is that heroes and villains are just characters and can be anything from moral knights to evil bakers and back again. We are going to start by looking at some advice from Mythic Scribes below the break.

5 Ways to Build Stronger Characters

Writer Anne Marie Gazzolo uses the worlds of Lords of the Rings and Star Wars to look at ways to Build Stronger Characters in an article for Mythic Scribes. Her five main points are:

  1. Show inner conflict within your heroes and villains
  2. No hero is perfect; no villain is totally evil
  3. Make your heroes inspirational, and even your villains somewhat likable
  4. Heroes and villains should not be predictable
  5. Let the story write itself

As you would expect each point has some excellent detail analysis behind it. Head over to Mythic Scribes to read Anne Marie‘s thoughts on how to Build Stronger Characters.


Building Stronger Heroes and VillainsFocusing on Anne Marie‘s second point, we are going to spend the rest of this article looking how to make your heroes and villains deeper starting with our hero by looking at Angela Ackerman‘s article 10 Reasons Why Your Hero Needs Flaws. Her ten reasons are:

  1. To Create Realism and Empathy
  2. To Understand Backstory
  3. To Cause Relationship Friction
  4. To Create Conflict
  5. To Provide Balance
  6. To Reveal Emotional Wounds
  7. To Generate Inner Conflict
  8. To Be A Force For Change
  9. To Encourage Self-Growth
  10. To Complete The Character’s Arc

Head over to Writers Helping Writers to read the very detailed thoughts behind each of Angela‘s points. 10 Reasons Why Your Hero Needs Flaws is a great post and well worth checking out.


Building Stronger Heroes and Villains

When it comes to the Villains we are going back to the classics with K.M. Weiland‘s guest post on Darcy Pattison’s Fiction Notes Website. In her article 4 Types of Villain – The Last One is Truly Scary Because He’s So Good she uses Charlotte Brontë‘s novel Jane Eyre to look at four kinds of villains. They are:

  1. The Evil Villain
  2. The Insane Villain
  3. The Envious Villain
  4. The Ethical Villain

Head over to read Darcy Pattison‘s website to see not only which character from Jane Eyre fits into each category of villain according to K.M. Weiland but also see how each kind of villain works!

How do you make your hero or villain a deeper character? Tell us in the comments below!

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