15 Fantasy Writing Tips

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15 Fantasy Writing Tips

Here at West Lothian Writers we try and provide advice for all kinds of genres of writing. Thanks to the recent visit of David Bishop we’ve been looking at Worldbuilding and we thought this would be a great opportunity to further delve into world of fantasy writing. Below the break you’ll find fifteen from Caroline Dunford on the Scottish Book Trust website and, arguably the king of fantasy writing at the moment, George R. R. Martin on Lifehacker Australia website.

The Basics

Let’s start with Caroline Dunford who offered her Top Tips for Writing Fantasy Fiction on the Five Things section of the Scottish Book Trust website. Her five tips are:

  1. History
  2. Culture
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Identifiable Characters
  5. Names

Caroline goes into detail on each point so head over to the Scottish Book Trust website and give them a read.

Some More Complicated Things To Think About

When George R. R. Martin spoke at the Sydney Opera House Lifehacker Australia went along and took notes which they then summed up into ten points:

  1. Don’t limit your imagination
  2. Choose your point-of-view characters to broaden the narrative’s scope
  3. It’s okay to “borrow” from history
  4. On believable POVs
  5. Grief is a powerful tool – but don’t overdo it
  6. Violence should have consequences – so spare nothing
  7. Avoid Fantasy Cliches
  8. Create “grey” characters
  9. Juggling lots of characters takes skill – and luck
  10. Remember: Winter is coming

The final tip isn’t just a plug for his A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novel series but you’ll have to head over to Lifehacker Australia to find out what he is talking about. Anyone who has ever read, or indeed seen, a George R. R. Martin book, won’t be surprised to hear that each tip is followed by lots information.

What is your favourite piece of Fantasy Writing Advice? Tell us below in the comments

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