Our Six Word Stories

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Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been talking a lot about Six Word Stories. This was due to the fact that our last meeting feel on Ernest Hemingway’s 116 birthday. The link to six word stories is to do with a challenge Hemingway was set by a friend to write a story in the fewest number of words possible. Hemingway answered this challenge with these six words

Our Six Word Stories

We thought what better way to celebrate Hemingway’s birthday than writing our own which you will find below the break.

The stories are listed alphabetically by author.


  • Desire becomes satisfaction at any cost


  • Human rights, China. Does not compute
  • No artist can match nature’s paintbrush
  • Autumn leaves golden; winter leaves none.
  • If all else fails simply panic
  • Up the downhill and vice versa
  • If you can read this, don’t
  • Word for a dead parrot – polygon
  • Rats live on no evil star

The last one wasn’t written by Chris but he liked it as it is palindrome story


  • Cancel milk. Cancelled flight. Black tea
  • My love, my love is yours
  • Creaky attic. Who’s there? HELP ME
  • Loved, lost, loved, lost, try again?


  • Escaped lion leaves severed head behind
  • Cup Final missed penalty footballer disappears
  • Suicide couple die on Wedding Anniversary
  • Bloody overall remains in empty cage

Jenifer then mentioned a six word story her husband had seen under an used car ad:

  • Willie Reid frae Peterheed is deed


  • Going shopping, gets mugged, neighbour helps
  • Bad lady tells lies, hurts people


  • Opportunities arrive together, decisions always required.
  • Small sticky hand prints, future memories.
  • Empty playroom, once vibrant and loud.
  • Puddles shimmer and reflect with honesty.
  • Broken heart tattoo, self-inflicted reminder.
  • Tubes, drugs, sickness, an optimistic future.
  • Yes or no, a simple answer.
  • Infectious smile for everyone he meets.
  • Loneliness, connection, companionship, intimacy, boredom, loneliness.


  • Housewife by day, adulterer by night
  • What harm could a kiss do?
  • She shook her head, “not again.”
  • Nothing to do with me officer

If you enjoyed these stories why not try your own (we even have a writing advice article that could help you) and post them in the comments below.

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