Happy Birthday Livingston – A Poem

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Happy Birthday Livingston - A Poem

Back in 2011, Jenifer entered a competition called My Kind of Town where people wrote poems about the major towns and cities in Scotland with her poem Happy Birthday Livingston. One of the rules of the competition was that each poems had to be in a particular style. Jenifer was one of eight winners winning a set of limited editions Tennants Glasses(!) and publication in the Sunday Mail!

If you would like to read more of Jenifer‘s writing you can do so on her Author’s page or tell her what you think of her poem in the comments below!

Happy Birthday Livingston

50 Years – Paraffin Young

Ever expanding new town

Edinburgh and Glasgow meet

in local community spirit

Craigsfarm welcomes you

Howden Park Culture

Ballet, Art, Writers, Tributes

All types of Churches

meeting together

Easter Dawn at Dechmont Law

Support Groups and Charity Do’s

Family and nature orientated

Three Centres – drinkies, eateries,

cinema – shop till you drop

Discount prices-disability friendly

Livingston and Murieston United FC’s

Conservation, conurbation

Wooded walks and duck ponds

Under-passes, fly-overs,

Witches and round-a-bouts

New One Stop Cooncil Offices

Christmas lights on the Boulevard

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