Clout the Cauldron

January 25, 2016 by No Comments

To celebrate Burns Night, we at West Lothian Writers would like to share with you Clout the Cauldron. Written in the style of Rabbie Burns, this poem by Sue Davies was first read out on BBC Radio Scotland almost twenty years ago on the 25th of January 1997. Click below the break to read Sue‘s work. We hope you enjoy the poem as much as we do.

“Clout the Cauldron”

My sonsie lass, I work in class

and science is my passion.

I’ve marvelled long at weak and strong

In this my occupation.

I’ve deaved the ear and let you peer

On many a good invention

But hard to beat for an engineer’s suite

Is the bonny micr’wave oven

Do not despise its canny size

Or molecular syncopation,

The wavelength chancy, braw frequancy

Or thermal excitation.

For by this engine and excitation of

Localised energy transfer,

I’ll heat your haggis or neeps or tatties

At a speed you’ll gie me thanks fer.


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