WLW Meeting – 13/10/2015

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WLW Meeting - 13/10/2015This week saw another new two members Paula and Belinda. We hope you enjoyed coming along to West Lothian Writers and you’ll be back soon. In addition to Paula and Belinda another seven people turned up to this week’s meeting and involved award winning poetry, famous Gormans and first time plays. We started the meeting with Ian reading his award winning poem The Snails Move Out.

This Week’s News

Jenifer had gone along to Ellie Stewart’s script writing workshop Lifelines and wrote a three minute play which she brought along with her tonight. Her play will be performed on Thursday with expert feedback given by a professional director and actors.

We are on track to getting A Well Travelled Notebook published at the next West Lothian Write on November 20th. If you wish to read at the event book your tickets now.

Finally, our next meeting is our Halloween special so bring up to 500 words of story or poetry on the subject of Halloween.

This Week’s Writing

  • Stage One – Jenifer‘s three minute play she wrote at her script workshop. A woman receives the news she has breast cancer
  • How to ‘out Dave Gorman’ Dave Gorman – the second half of Chris look at other famous Gormans.
  • September Gardens – a poem by Margaret about the autumn coming to her garden
  • The Missing Rock – a short story by Stephen. The narrator talks about how he came to own his collection of rocks
  • The Cone of Doom – the next part in Eric‘s comic novel. When trying to re-arrange her new office Hazel discovers a plastic bag stuffed into an air vent
  • To Be or Not To Be – the opening of Ian‘s horror short story. Strange things happen when Michael Quentin practices his new play.

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