Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2014

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For our final post of 2014 we thought we’d look back at our most popular posts. This will be measured by post views however, we will be ignoring our monthly Submissions & Competitions posts as they go out of date very quickly and aren’t very interesting once we post the next one so let’s get started!

10. Interview with Emma Mooney

This year one of our former member’s Emma Mooney had her first novel published A Beautiful Game. After reading her book we had some questions about how she wrote the book so we asked her. You can find the first part of the interview here and the second part of the interview here.

9. The Do’s and Don’ts of Ending A Story

Our first Writing Advice article is from May when we published The Do’s and Don’ts of Ending A Story. It is a great wee article and we suggest you go and catch up with it now.

8. Why I Joined West Lothian Writers

This post comes from our anthology From The Purple Notebook when we asked our life member Robert Breustedt to write a short article about why he joined West Lothian Writers. This is a great article including references to Charles Shultz’s Peanuts and Peter Cook. Why do I think we’ll be seeing more about our anthology soon?

7. From The Blank Page to the Written Word

This year we decided to try something new with our day long workshops. As it was our first time we invited back Janis Mackay to lead a great one day workshop at Linlithgow Canal Centre. The day was a great success and resulted in one our of Writing Advice articles Writing Poems about Nature.

6. How to Be Creative in 5 Steps with John Cleese

We love posting advice from famous writers so we can find out about how they work. The most popular example was How to Be Creative in 5 Steps with John Cleese. The post evolves around a video of a speech from John Cleese made about creativity. We suggest you go and check it out now.

5. From The Purple Notebook

In March of this year we published our first anthology From The Purple Notebook which included poems, stories and non-fiction from our members. Head over to the From The Purple Notebook page to see which members were included and how we chose their work.

4. Continuous Submissions

We have cheated slightly for number 4 and used a one of our pages. This page was new this year and we have added to it across the year that we now have 66 submission opportunities on the page. Check it out, it may be the start of a great writing new year.

3. What Will We Do About Mum?

Our first member’s project of 2014 when Anne E. Edwards decided to put on her own play What Will We Do About Mum? at the Bathgate Regal Theatre. The show was a sell out and Anne has already received requests for the show to be performed at other venues.

2. What We Have Written

The point of West Lothian Writers helping our members to improve their writing so it makes me so happy that our second more popular post from 2014 is What We Have Written which is the index of all our members author’s pages which details all the work we have had published.

1. Nine Months To Make A Book

Our most viewed post of 2014 is another member project. Using her book Wuthering Heights on Film Valerie has built a workshop series about the publishing industry. The series runs until the 11th of July at the Howden Park Centre in Livingston.

Well that was 2014. Why not come along and join us for 2015. Our first meeting will be the 6th of January 2015!

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