The Successful Submissions for the West Lothian Writers Second Anthology

September 26, 2015 by No Comments

As we mentioned in our post yesterday we’ve been busy selecting pieces from our members for the second West Lothian Writers Anthology. Now we have a finished the process we thought we would share the list and hopefully wet your appropriate for the book when it launches in November. Before that let’s talk about the title because we have one. Check below to find out what it is!

The Successful Submissions for the West Lothian Writers Second AnthologyWhen the editorial plan – Anne, Eric, Norman, Sally and Stephen – were talking about titles we want something that connected to the From the Purple Notebook – our first anthology – but also tied into a clear theme that was emerging from all the worked selected which was journeys or travelling. After lots of suggestions, ideas and cups of coffee Sally suggested A Well Traveled Notebook which did everything we wanted it to do. We hope you like it as well.

The Successful Submissions

Every member who submitted to the anthology would have at least one piece included in the final book. Some have more than one because the editorial team couldn’t decide between the stories. The success stories, listed by person, are:


  • Strange Street


  • Quiet Sunday
  • Winter Traveler

Elizabeth H

  • The Stalker


  • Time Zones
  • The Snails Move Out
  • Train to Waverley


  • The Musical Rabbit


  • A Way Out
  • Homecoming


  • Corra Linn
  • Outdoor Gallery


  • The Allotment Society
  • Seline’s Family Tree


  • Homecoming
  • Edinburgh Fringe

Elizabeth M

  • The Next Month in Dharamsala


  • A Walk Like No Other


  • Abraham King’s Writing Desk
  • Truth


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