WLW Meeting & AGM 14/04/2015

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WLW Meeting & AGM 14/04/2015

This week for a great turn out of ten people for our AGM, eclairs and most importantly, of course, a chance to hear from the best new writing in West Lothian. Excitingly the meeting saw the return of John after a long absence. Welcome back John!


The two hour meeting was split equally between the AGM and writing. You can read the minutes of the AGM here but the key points were:

  • Stephen, Eric and Anne were re-elected as the chair, treasurer and secretary of West Lothian Writers for another year.
  • We are keeping our membership fees at £5 for the year with a meeting fee of £2/£1
  • West Lothian Writers are currently in a financial healthy position
  • Our plans for the coming year include more day workshops and a second anthology of members’ work

This Week’s News

To ensure we had plenty of time for writing, this week’s news was kept to a single item. The Scottish Book Trust are asking people to submit pieces of writing on the theme of Journeys. Anything that is submitted will be published on the Scottish Book Trust website, as long as it meets the submission guidelines, so it is great place to start your writing career. You can find out more information about the project here.

This Week’s Writing

  • Ian read two poems. The first Debate, April 2015 was about the recently leader’s election debate and had been read by Scotland’s first minister. The second poem An Easter combined the traditional Easter story with the chocolate eggs sold at the time.
  • The Devil Takes A Day – a short story by Elizabeth about a couple of the Devil’s followers discussing him taking a day off.
  • The Three Letter Word – a piece of Flash Fiction by Stephen. Alan takes a letter to the pillar box but isn’t sure if he will post it.
  • Homes for Sale – Margaret’s poem about the houses being built outside Mid Calder when she first moved to the town.
  • Journey to Kalinpong – an essay by Jenifer about her and Anne’s recent trip to India.

A round up of @WLWriters meeting and AGM on 14th April 2015 (Tweet this round up)

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