WLW Meeting 31/03/2015

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This week saw an amazing turn out of seven people including a new member Margaret, welcome, and a few returning faces in the form of Bill and Susi, great to have you back guys.

This Week’s News

There was a great turnout from our members for the recent West Lothian Write on the 20th of March. You can read a review of the night and find out what pieces our members read here.

We also published our most recently list of Competitions and Submissions closing in the next few months. You can find them here.

Our next meeting, on the 14th of April with be our AGM. This is our chance to look back over the past year as well as planning the year ahead. Part of this will involve the election of our chair, treasurer and secretary. If you would like more information about any of these positions please email us at WLWriters@gmail.com

Finally, on the 28th of April we will be welcoming our first guest author of the year. David Bishop will be coming along to talk to us about World Building and how to create imagined worlds. It should be a great night!

This Week’s Writing

  • Smile – a poem byChris about the recent eclipse
  • Washday – a short story from Margaret. An agoraphobic woman’s obsession with washing leads to saving her neighbours life and conquering her fear.
  • Adios Nervosa – the second part of Ian’s tale. A musician in the far future is embroiled into a dimension-hopping conspiracy
  • The Journey Home – the revised version of Susi’s story about an Elderly Lady’s final journey
  • The Cone of Doom  – the latest installment of Eric‘s novel. Hazel finally manages to catch up with her friend Sheila but this only puts more doubts in her mind.
  • Untitled – a shory story from Mitra about an attempted cross border escape from Iran.

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