WLW Meeting – 30/09/2014

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This week’s meeting was a little different than usual with the addition of an exercise before we got down to the usual feedback session. Six people turn out to try out the exercise!

This Week’s News

The committee met last week and decided the calendar for the rest of the year. We will meet every two weeks as usual until the 9th of December. Our next meeting with be a week later when we’ll have our Christmas party (it is like a normal meeting but with more mince pies!) We will return in 2015 on the 6th of January.

Talking of important dates, on the 28th of October will be the WLW Halloween special. We would everyone to write up to 500 words on the theme of Halloween. You can write about nostalgic memories of childhood, straight out horror or a funny pieces about a vampire who is scared of the dark. It is totally up to you.

Earlier this week we published our latest Submissions and Competitions post. You can check it out here.

Later this week we’ll published our interview with Emma Mooney, the author of A Beautiful Game about how she wrote her book. You can find the first part here

The Writing Exercise

The exercise we need tonight was very simple but designed to stretch your writing abilities. Anne had brought along two lists, one was a lit of genres such as crime or fantasy and the second was a list of titles of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Each person selection, at random, one item off each list and had five minutes to write. We got some usual combinations such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears as a Travel show for example. Why not try it at home and bring along the results to our next meeting.

This Week’s Reading

  • The Bitch Didn’t Do It – The opening chapter of Elizabeth’s murder mystery novel. A dead body is found at the start of the college day.
  • Dark Entry – the next three pages of Anne’s novel. Kirsty goes to explore the island she is now living on.

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