WLW Meeting – 29/09/2015

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WLW Meeting - 29/09/2015This week saw a smaller turn out than usual of six people but we still got through some great writing and even a quick writing exercise. Of course, as always, we start with the news!

This Week’s News

There is only one place we can start talking tonight and that is Ian’s competition win. His poem The Snails Move Out won one of 15 prizes of the Foyle Young Poets 2015 which is very impressive when you consider over 6000 people entered!

You’ll be able to read the poem along with many other pieces of work in our new collection A Well Travelled Notebook. You can read about all the other work that made it into the collection here.

As we are approaching the first Saturday of the month, Woo’er With Words is taking place in Falkirk at Coffee on Woo’er. You can find out more information on the Facebook event for the day.

As we approach Halloween season (more on that in a moment) Janis Mackay is doing a couple of horror based workshops. The first is on the 17th of October in Edinburgh. She’ll repeat the workshop on the 1st of November in Penicuik. More information can be found here.

Finally, we are only two meetings away from our Halloween’s party so start writing those 500 words of Halloween inspired horror, comedy or anything in between!


A Show Not Tell Writing Exercise

As we had some time towards the end of the night we did a quick Show Not Tell exercise. Stephen read out a sentence that told the reader what is happening. He then asked everyone to re-write the sentence to show the read what was happening instead. The sentence was:

Sam walked down the road. It was raining

Have a go yourself and post your versions in the comments below

This Week’s Writing

  • Dr Christie’s Pharaoh – the next part of Norman’s novel. Julia and Charles met with Professor Grant to discuss the value of the pharaoh
  • The Snails Move Out – Ian’s award winning poem about snails after a rain shower
  • The Cone of Doom – the next section of Eric‘s novel. Hazel is mugged on her way to work.
  • I Asked For – A poem by Elizabeth about her experiences in Dharmsala
  • It’s Not You, It’s Me – a flash fiction story by Stephen. The narrator thinks about her ex while she chops wood.


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