WLW Meeting 29/04/2014

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WLW Meeting 29/04/2014We had another great turnout tonight even though it was our AGM! Much of this turn out was due to the promise of free cake. There was eleven of us in total with Emma returning to say hi – hopefully she’ll be back again soon!


As I said above we started the meeting with our AGM. You can read the minutes of the meeting here but edits highlights are as follows:

  • We have plenty of money so we can keep booking guest speakers and carry out other projects
  • We re-elected Stephen, Eric and Anne as Chair, Treasurer and Secretary respectively. Well done everyone!
  • We are keeping the same pricing structure as last year. It will cost £5 a year for membership with a charge of £2/£1 for meetings.

This Week’s News

Due to the AGM we only had time for one piece of news but it was a big one. Anne E has been asked to perform her play What Will We Do About Mum? in Edinburgh. The details have’t been sorted yet but we’ll let you know soon.

Tonight’s Readers

Four people read tonight. They were:

  • Dirty Nails – Anne D’s funny piece about preparing the garden for spring after winter.
  • After Gemini – the first part of Stacey’s short story set in the Stargate Universe. Carter is struggling after a bad mission.
  • Seline Meets 50 Shades – the latest adventure of Eric’s comedy heroine Seline. After deciding she wants to repaint her Seline goes in search of a colour chart but found herself a rather famous novel.
  • Christmas Spirit – Stephen’s short story about a family preparing for Christmas after a very tragic year.


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