WLW Meeting 28/10/2014

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WLW Meeting 28/10/2014

This week we held our Halloween party with plenty of scary things, wonderful tales and lots of free food! We saw a wonderful turn out of seven people to enjoy what is always a great meeting! Due to the amount of writing we had we look at the writing first and the news after so that is how we’ll be reporting the meeting

This Week’s Writing

As it is Halloween we asked everyone to come up with a scary name. I hope you enjoy them!

  • The Party – Sacrificed Susi’s story about Megan and Caroline plan their halloween party
  • Seline and the Werewolf – Eerie Eric read the first part of his new Seline story where she goes to find her uncle Bernie
  • Halloween Story – Ann-archy’s story was about Michael is on his way home from work when he hits a young girl in the middle of the road
  • Absorbing Art – Soul Sucking Stephen‘s piece of flash fiction about a man visiting an art gallery
  • Abomination of Alliteration – Jaundiced Jenny presented a spoof tale about West Lothian Writers
  • Halloween – Smell Snotten Anne read a childhood memory about her time guising around Helensburgh.
  • After Dinner Speakers – Creepy Chris reads a story about Prime Minister Harold Wilson having dinner with Russian leader Mr Krushchev

This Week’s News

This week’s news is all competition based starting with the news we’ve published our monthly round up of competitions and submissions with closing dates which you can find here.

As we asked people to write up to 500 words we want to highlight the 99 Ficiton Horror Flash 500 competition. If you enter let us know!

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