WLW Meeting 23/06/2015

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WLW Meeting 23/06/2015

This week saw another great turn out of eleven people with a couple of returnees coming back after missing a few meetings. It was great to see Mitra and Elizabeth back at West Lothian Writers.

This Week’s News

We started by talking about Sunday’s Performance Workshop with Polly Philips which everyone loved. Folk were already talking about inviting her back. The next workshop will be focusing on those just starting to write, whether for the first time or in a number of years. Janis Mackay will be returning to lead that workshop and more information will be appear on this website soon.

Talking of the website, last week we published an article from Eric about his novel A Clear Solution being professionally edited before it was published. You can read the article here.

Finally, Stephen mentioned an unique competition being run by the Nairn Book & Arts Festival. They are looking for stories written on the back of a postcard to be displayed during the festival. You can find out more information here.

This Week’s Writing

  • Adios Nervosa – the latest part of Ian’s wonderful sci-fi story. Calin goes to an award’s ceremony where he considers his own death.
  • See Me – A moving short story by Alison about an old woman in a hospital bed
  • The Cone of Doom- the next section of Eric‘s comic murder mystery novel. Hazel returns to work after the death of her boss for the first time to discover she’s been given her job.
  • The Cat Who Composed A Lullaby – Margaret’s short children’s story about a cat who accidentally creates music.
  • The Bus Stop – the second part of Chris’ mystery tale. Detectives McKenzie and Harrison interview George about the incident at the bus stop

The round of @WLWriters meeting on the 23rd of June (Tweet this article)

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