WLW Meeting 21/01/2014

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This week we had a turn out of eight people including a new member Elizabeth. Along side our usual meeting activities we also did a short writing exercise which you can try for yourself.

This Week’s News

Anne’s gave up an update about the forthcoming production of “What will we do about Mum?”

BBC Radio 4 are presently looking for submissions to Opening Lines, an annual series to help get new to radio writers on the radio. The closing date is the 14th of February so better get your skates on.

WLW Meeting 21/01/2014

Everyone was reminded about Allan Guthrie’s visit in a month’s time.

Writing Exercise

We started this week’s meeting with a short exercise. Photographs of people from newspapers were presented. Everyone was asked to spend 10 minutes writing descriptions of the people in the photos from two different points of view, one female, the other male.

The results were quite interesting and showed how a man and a women might see the same person entirely differently.

Why not try the exercise with a friend with the picture on the right or any other pictures you can find.

Tonight’s Readers

  • Untitled – A humorous 250 word piece of flash fiction by Elizabeth written for a competition ran by Strathkelvin writers group.
  • Oh Citadel – a poem by Iain describing the life of a city in vivid imagery with an impressive scope of language and detail.
  • Biography of Mother – a prose piece about the memories Chris has for his mother. The writing was a hearty mix of humour and pathos.
  • Soul Rider – the next part in Eric‘s science fiction novel. Fiona bonds with co-worker Jefferson on the assembly line,they arrange to meet the next day, but is the gentle giant all he appears to be?

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