WLW Meeting 19th of August 2014

August 26, 2014 by No Comments

After a short break when our Web Monkey lost access to the internet we are now back. This week’s meeting saw a turn out of seven people to discuss all things writing. To hear what we talked about click on the button below!

WLW Meeting 19th of August 2014This Week’s News

Today is the launch of Emma Mooney‘s first novel A Beautiful Game. It is available to buy now on Amazon! Emma is a former member of WLW and we wish her all possible success!

On the 6th of September we are holding a second one day workshop. This time Alistair Paterson will be taking us through a number of exercises that’ll bring a new element to your writing.

This Week’s Readings

  • Ghost Story (working title) – a gory ghost story from Susi about Sarah and the people she ‘lives’ with.
  • The Fancy Dress Captain’s Hat – the first part in a long short story by Stephen. Cordelia enters an isolated Indian Restaurant in search of the God of the Sea.
  • Making Perfume – a poem by Sally about her memories of making perfume when she was a child.

We finished the night with Jenifer reading out a tea towel she’d found at the Edinburgh Book Festival called Crabbit Tips for Writers by Nicola Morgan.


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