WLW Meeting – 17/02/2015

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WLW Meeting - 17/02/2015This week’s we choose to add a bit of romance to our meeting with a love theme to celebrate Valentine’s Day that had passed a few days earlier. Of the six people who turned to the meeting everyone got to read their work that looked at all aspects of love, including the bad side – expect one person who forgot. Click below to see if you can work out who that was!

This Week’s News

First however, let’s start with the news from the meeting. We are sad to report that due to work comments Valerie has had to cancel the next few workshops in her series Nine Months to Make A Book. The next workshop will be on the 11th of July.

Over the weekend we published on the website Eric‘s story Seline and the Fify Shades. Check out Seline’s latest comedy mishap.

We were contacted by the Write on Festival in Haddington who asked us to mention their festival to our members. You can like their Facebook page if you are interested/have Facebook.

Finally, we discussed a possible date for our first summer workshop. We are going to keep the date quiet for the moment but as soon as we go public, our members will be the first to know.

This Week’s Writing

  • O My Luve’s Like A Red, Red Rose – a Robert Burns inspired by Elizabeth looking at the dark side of love.
  • A Different Kind of Love – Ann’s short story about two old widowers growing old together after the death of their partners.
  • Time Zones – Ian’s poem about the friendship between two friends across the ocean.
  • Atholl Brose – The most romantic section of Jenifer‘s novel. Fleur and Alexander share their first kiss
  • The Cone of Doom – the next section of Eric‘s novel. Hazel tries to warn her friend Shelia about a police visit but she is too late.
  • Alcohol Faires – a short story by Stephen. After splitting up with her girlfriend, Kirsty turns to drink.

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