WLW Meeting 13/05/2014

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This week we welcome a new person, Valerie, to WLW. She was one of ten people who made it along to the meeting. We had a great range of work read along with lots of news so lets get started.

This Week’s News

Next week’s meeting will be a workshop called Using Dialogue. The workshop leader is David McVey who is involved in Scottish Association of Writers. David has asked that if you are coming along to the workshop bring a piece of writing that doesn’t contain any dialogue.

On the 8th of June, WLW is holding its first day long workshop at Linlithgow Canal Centre. From the Blank Page to the Written Word will be led by award winning writer Janis Mackay. It costs £10 for members and £20 for non-members. Email us if you would like to attend.

Mary had quite a bit of news. First of all, she is running a competition to create a song about Armadale. You can find out more about the competition, called A Song for Armadale here. Also anyone who has been keeping an eye on these posts will know Mary has been writing a book called the Bridezilla Whisperer. Well two of the dresses she made during her time as a wedding dress maker is going on display at the Ulster Museum in Northern Ireland.

Eric brought along copies of From The Purple Notebook and his own short story collection: Seline’s World.

Tonight’s Readers

  • The Cliff – a poem by Jordan about a man falling off a cliff.
  • The Driving Test: An Examiner’s View – The introduction to Norman’s non-fiction book about how to pass the driving test.
  • The Visitor – a short story by Chris. Eleanor is waiting for Andre to arrive on the bus from Northern Tenerife
  • Look At Me – a poem by Sally about children at a soft play area
  • Bridezilla Whisperer – the next part in Mary’s comic novel. Claire is placed in an impossible position when the mother of bride demands the wedding dress early.

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