WLW Meeting 09/12/2014

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For a the first time in a month or so our web monkey actually made it to a meeting of WLW. He was very happy to hear that we have a new member, Mitra and even more excited to hear that Eric was having his novel A Clear Solution published next year. Well done Eric! There were seven people along this week to hear some great writing, including some very funny comedy and do a quick exercise around the concept of Show, not Tell.

This Week’s News

We have posted December’s list of competitions and submissions on the website. We would like to highlight the BBC Radio 4 Opening Lines call for submissions. If you have a short story between 1900 and 2000 words then you could have it read out on BBC radio. You can find more details here.

We also updated our Continuous Submissions page including 2nds Magazine who are looking for your short stories you’ve previously had published.

West Lothian Council recently forwarded us the 2nd issue of Ironstone which we posted on the website here. If you haven’t read it before check it out where you’ll find some great stories by Eric and John.

Next week, the 16th of December is our Christmas party. We are asking everyone to write up to 500 words on the subject of “Secrets at Christmas.” This can be anything from presents under the tree to Santa kissing Dad under the mistletoe. The most important thing is to have fun.

As our theme is Secrets at Christmas we are asking everyone to bring 1 copy of their work which will be placed into an unmarked Christmas card. Everyone will then be handed a card and they’ll have to read the work they have been given whether it is their’s or not. It is our version of secret Santa.

On the 20th of December is the next part of Valerie’s Nine Months to Make a Book workshop. You can sign up by emailing Valerie. Full details can be found here.

On the 19th and 20th of February 2015 Scottish Book Trust are Screen Lab 2015. This two day workshop looks at what it takes to break into one of the most competitive and lucrative areas of writing. You can find out more information about the workshop here.

Finally, we are happy to announce our first guest speaker of 2015. On the 28th of April David Bishop will be coming along to present a workshop on World Building, looking at the different things you have to keep in mind when you are creating a fictional world, whether it is a different planet or a fictional town in Scotland.

Show not Tell Writing Exercise

At the request of Jenifer we did a quick exercise at the start of the meeting inspired by our post on How Do You Show, Not Tell? We asked everyone to take re-write the ‘telling’ description

Sam made a cup of tea

In the five minutes everyone produced created some great pieces of flash fiction that used all five senses to show the action taking place rather than telling the reader what is happening. Why not try the exercise for yourself and post the results in the comments below.

This Week’s Writing

  • Atholl BroseJenifer read the latest draft of the opening chapter to her novel. Fleur Macdonald meets Alexander Murray on her train home to Blair Atholl.
  • The Missing Stone – a short story by Stephen. An old man write a memory diary about his day.
  • When Santa Got Stuck – a Christmassy poem by Chris about the various places Santa got stuck including the bathroom, the kitchen and a lift.
  • Seline and the Wereworlf – Eric reads the second half of his latest Seline’s story that he first read at our Halloween meeting. Seline goes to see her uncle Bernie on a dark and stormy night.

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