WLW Meeting – 09/06/2015

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This week’s meeting saw a huge turn out of 12 people including the return of Sue and Norman after many months away (and for some years). We also welcomed a new member to our group Maureen. We hope you enjoyed yourself. After going over a few bits of news we started with a quick point of view exercise before getting down to the writing. You’ll be able to read about everything below the break.

This Week’s News

After the launch of Eric‘s book, A Clear Solution, we carried out a quick interview with him which you can read here.

We recently posted our round up of competitions and submissions closing over the coming months. There were two we wanted to highlight in particular. They are Inkitt: Fated Paradox – a free mystery and thriller writing contest which closes on the 4th of July – and Anthology of Quitters who are looking for the opening chapter of that novel you never finished by the 1st of September.

Point of View Exercise

As I said above we started today’s meeting with a short exercise about point of views. You can try the exercise for yourself here.

This Week’s Writing

  • Journey to Altnagar – the opening to Bill’s book. Young Hamish and Donald spend the summer holiday hunting rabbits but catch a pheasant by accident
  • The Uncivil Servant – the start of Norman’s latest writing project. Gaius Everest Twerp decides he wants to become a driving examiner
  • The Old Cat and The Starlings – a piece of flash fiction by Margaret about her old cat watching the starlings in the garden eating the food she has left out.
  • Ben Fraoch – a comic flash fiction tale with a sting in the tale by Stephen.
  • Conundrum – a poem by Sue about an old man’s thoughts on the union of Great Britain.

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