WLW Meeting 08/12/2015

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This week saw a turn out of nine people including a new member Margaret. Now we have two Margaret’s to go along with two Elizabeths! It was also great to welcome back David and Cheryl.

This Week’s News

Next week is our Christmas party so please bring along up to 1000 words on any topic you like that links to Christmas.

Talking of Christmas, Flash Fiction website Zero Flash are running a Christmas Competiton. They are wanting up to 300 words inspired by the video click above. More information can be found here.

West Lothian Council have approached West Lothian Writers asking us to take part in their Holocaust Memorial Day next year. If anyone is interested please email WLWriters@gmail.com to let us.

This Week’s Writing

  • A Christmas Story – A sci fiction story by Margaret Walker. On the eve of 2300 an alien spacecraft is brought to earth.
  • A Lunch To Remember – the second part of Norman’s short story. Brahams and Tchaikovsky sit down for lunch despite hating each other.
  • The Migrant – the opening to David’s story about the ongoing immigrant crisis going on in Europe. Ahmed arrives at the migrant camp in Calais
  • The Mountain Says No – the start of a story by Cheryl. Vic and Rick plan their trip up a mountain.
  • Fencing – a poem by Ian about his experiences of the sport of Fencing
  • Fridged – a piece of flash fiction by Stephen. Paul and his brother have an argument in a car after the death of Paul’s wife.

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