WLW Meeting 07/01/2014

January 7, 2014 by No Comments

Our first meeting of 2014 saw a turnout of eight people including a new comer Iain.

This Week’s News

WLW Meeting 07/01/2013Crime writer and literary agent Allan Guthrie has agreed to run a workshop for us on the 18th of February about how to get published.

Anne E announced on the 9th of January the first read through of her play will take place at the Bathgate Regal.

On the 23rd of January Ironstone are holding a Robert Burns inspired poetry and writing evening including local folk trio Tryste. To find out more information check out their Facebook Event.

The next West Lothian Write is on the 14th march at the Howden Park Centre. This is an evening for local poets and writers to get together and read their work and enjoy others doing the same. It always books up really quickly so book your places now…if there are any left!

Tonight’s Readers

  • The Will a pice of first person prose by Anne D. A humorous piece that feels like the start of something longer.
  • Untitled – a very skilful piece of prose by newcomer Iain where in 500 words he told a story about thirty-three different characters in a circular form.
  • Toil In The Morning – Sally’s first poem was an atmospheric piece inspired by watching rice planters in Bali. It catches the hard slog of working in cold slimy water under tropical heat.
  • Sombre Occasion – Sally’s second poem is an anthropomorphic yet accurately detached description of birds in the rain.
  • Soul Rider – the latest instalment of Eric‘s sci-fi novel. The captured Fiona is interrogated before being set free but is this freedom real or just an illusion.
  • Prince Hawkwolf – a novel extract from John containing a beautifully lyrical retelling of Sleeping Beauty.