WLW Meeting – 06/01/2015

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WLW Meeting - 05/01/2015We started 2015 with a happy new year to everyone who turned up at this year’s meeting. While sadly a few couldn’t make it we had a great night as five of us looked at some new and very different styles of writing for our members. To find out more check below the break!

This Week’s News

Stephen started the meeting by setting out West Lothian Writers plans for 2015. On the 28th of April David Bishop will be visiting WLW to give a workshop on World Building which should be a great event. We will also be producing a second anthology of our member’s work with the submissions opening in the summer. Finally, we’ll be looking to organise a day long performance workshop.
Outside of our plans Anne said she’d be performing a specially written poem at West Lothian Council’s Holocaust Memorial Day event on the 20th of January. She hopes to bring along the poem to the next meeting.

Friday 20th of March is the next West Lothian Write at the Howden Park Centre. If you want to read at the event we’d suggest you book your place now!

Finally for those looking to set themselves a writing goal for 2015, they could do a lot worse than aiming to submit to one of the magazines or competitons on our Submissions and Competitions January 2015 list or on our Continuous Submissions List.

This Week’s Reading

  • The Cone of Doom – The opening of a new piece of prose by Eric. Hazel has to spend the night with her boss who has stolen her boyfriend.
  • Peace in the (Grotty) Grotto – A dialogue by Chris about a grumpy Santa wanting a cigerette while on duty
  • Abraham Kingston’s Writing Desk – a short story by Stephen written in a epistolary style. Carrie and Debbie prepare to clear out their father’s house after his death.
  • Dark Entry – the latest part of Anne’s novel. Euan and Coll plan a trip around the island while Kirsty investigates the house she lives in.

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