WLW Meeting 04/03/2014

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After last week’s meeting with Allan Guthrie we returned to our usual meeting which saw a great turn out of nine people including a new member Stacey.

This Week’s News

A week on Friday is the next West Lothian Write at the Howden Park Centre. It is a great night as you get to hear some of the best local writing in the area with many of our own members reading from their work.

You can now buy tickets for Anne E. Edwards’ play What Will We Do About Mum? from the Bathgate Regal Box Office. If you would like more information about the play check out the webpage all about it on this website.

WLW Meeting 04/03/2014Tonight’s Readers

  • Lost Property – a story from John intended for children aged 8 to 10. Gareth plays truant from school after falling out with a substitute teacher.
  • Bridezilla Whisperer – the latest instatement of Mary’s novel. Fearing that she won’t be paid Samantha uses her client’s memory stick that she would to check up on her.
  • Biography of Mother  – Chris continues his recollections about his mother’s funny anecdotes. Tonight’s tale reveals her love of tomatoes
  • Soul Rider – the next chapter of Eric‘s sci-fi novel. Fiona decides to use her credit fortune to purchase the eponymous Soul Helmet although she’ll have to negotiate her way through dangerous criminal realms if she is to be successful.
  • Dark Entry – the opening chapter of Anne’s novel. Alisa and Euan decide to spend a year observing sea birds on the Hebridean island of Sulaire.

Hopefully see everyone at our next meeting on the 18th of March.

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