WLW Meeting 04/02/2014

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This week saw a smaller turn out than normal due to everyone being ill it seemed. We hope our members get better soon. Below you’ll find a news update, the work read tonight and the visiting author from last week.

This Week’s News

WLW Meeting 04/02/2014

[Untitled] Magazine are looking for submissions for their fourth issue of the magazine. To find out more information check out our post about it here.

The next West Lothian Write is on the 14th march at the Howden Park Centre. This is an evening for local poets and writers to get together and read their work and enjoy others doing the same. It always books up really quickly so book your places now…if there are any left!

In the report about our first meeting where we mentioned that Anne Edwards was holding auditions for her play What Will We Do About Mum? It will be performed on the 30th of March and you can buy tickets from the Bathgate Regal box office here.

We got some great news tonight. Eric sent off his novel Soul Rider, to the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future competition and we are pleased to announce that he got an Honorable Mention! Well done Eric.

Finally, the website mental_floss released a list of 10 Literary Holidays and we at WLW have decided to celebrate a few of them so keep an eye out over the next few months for themed meetings around Ernest Hemingway and Hobbits!

Tonight’s Readers

  • Soul Rider – the latest instalment of Eric’s – now Award Winning – science fiction novel. Fiona goes into the Datacore to find answers and instead finds challenges and more questions.
  • The Letter – a short story by Stephen. Agnew delivers an important letter to Millicent Carson despite the consequences he fears.
  • Bridezilla Whisperer – an extract from Mary’s novel about Wedding dresses. Claire is cheered up by her best friend Dominic.

Next Week

Crime writer and literary agent Allan Guthrie will be joining us next week for a workshop on how to get published. Hope to see you there.

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