WLW Meeting – 03/02/2015

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WLW Meeting - 03/02/2015This week’s meeting saw our biggest turn out of the year so far with eight people making it along. Due to Anne’s recently performance at West Lothian Council’s Holocault Memorial Day event, much of the meeting was taken up talking about this. Something we felt was very suitable considering the importance of it.

Along with a short report from the event you’ll also be able to see the news from the meeting and what pieces of writing were read

Holocault Memorial Day

Anyone who has been at our meeting since the start of the year will know that Anne’s had agreed to perform at West Lothian Council’s Holocaust Memorial day event. She said the event went well even though she was the first person to perform.

The piece Anne performed was a poem by Joy Taverner called Until Belsen, a young nurse who had seen the effects of the concentration camps first hand. Anne introduced the poem with a short essay about Joy’s life.

This Week’s News

On Saturday it is the first Woo’er With Words in Falkirk. From 2pm till 5pm come along and hear members of WLW, along with a few others, perform some of their work. So far both Eric and Stephen are meant to perform. Find out more about the event here.

Our next meeting has a theme of Love, as it will have been Valentine’s Day a few days before. We encourage everyone to bring along something about love. Don’t worry if you don’t want to be soppy, not all love is good love!

After a normal March we have decided to hold our AGM on the 14th of April. This is our chance to look back at the previous year, enjoy the successes and look ahead to the future. Also this is your chance to get involved in the committee. Give them a shout if you have any questions.

Our monthly Competitons and Submissions post was posted earlier this week. We encourage you to check them all out but especially have a look at the BBC Opening Lining Competition closing on the 13th of February.

This Week’s Writing

  • The Cone of Doom – the latest chapter of Eric‘s comedy crime novel. Hazel is visited by two policemen who have some news about her boss.

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