Using Dialogue Workshop

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Using Dialogue Workshop

This week saw a change from our usual meetings with David McVey coming along to provide a workshop on Using Dialogue. However, before we talk about that we need to chat about this week’s news!

This Week’s News

There isn’t much time left to sign up for our From the Blank Page to the Written Word workshop with Janis Mackay. If you’d like to come along you need to email us at before the 31st of May! You can find out more information about the workshop here!

Since our last meeting we have added a new author’s page to this very site. You can click here to check out the work of the recently returned Norman – including one short story that is free to read. If you’d like to check out the work of our other members check out our What We Have Written Page.

Scotland’s Creative Writing Centre Moniack Mhor have recently published details about a couple of upcoming writing retreats – a poetry retreat and a short story retreat. For more information click on the retreat you are interested in above.

Using Dialogue

Dialogue is used to bring characters to life by doing the following:

  • Suggest a Tone or Mood
  • Help You Find Your Voice
  • Introduce Humour
  • Break up Heavy Blocks of Text
  • Reveal Character, Personality and Background

However, you have to be careful when writing dialogue as, unless you are careful, it can get in away of your story. For example if your dialogue is anything like the below:

  • Not Naturalistic
  • Anachronistic
  • Info dumps
  • All the Characters Talk the Same
  • Inconsistant

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