Self Publishing Show Live

March 17, 2020 by No Comments

Self Publishing Show Live
Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
March 9, 2020

Writing is often a lonely pursuit, so when there’s an opportunity to step out and meet my fellows, I jump at the chance. The self publishing show live in London was just such an occasion. Even if you don’t want to self publish, it was a great program any writer as inspiration and an opportunity to network with fellow authors. One take away that resonated particularly with me was the concept several authors expressed throughout the day – other authors are not competition – T.V, Facebook, videos, and the thousands of other things that can take a reader away from the page are the completion. Collaborating, networking and cross promoting with other authors to keep books in front of potential readers is a key ingredient to marketing successfully.

The show started with an interview with L.J. Ross, hugely successful a self published author. She shared the journey she took to write and publish Holy Island and how it has lead to her current success. Her experiences and insight were incredibly inspirational and informative.

Following this, Joanna Penn presented an amazing list of ways to diversify and stabilize an independent writers income. Some of her ideas I’d already implemented, but several were new to me and I’ll be working on this year.

Next up were five author making life changing money with their writing. This panel included children’s writers, fiction, non-fiction and a trad-turned-indie author. It was empowering to hear what’s possible even though I’m only in the first baby steps of this adventure.

Session four was an interview with two successful non-fiction authors. Non-fiction can be a blind spot for some writers, but offers a huge potential market. It can be easier to become established in this area, especially if you have knowledge within a specific niche.

After lunch the conference continued with a discussion from four new style publishers. This included small press Joffee Books, Hera, and Bookouture and Michael Anderle, founder of the group 20 books to 50K, discussing their different collaborative publishing processes.

This was followed by Ricardo Fayet from Reedsy talking about new tools available for self publishing authors, such as book brush, publisher rocket, book funnel, and draft2digital. Reedsy is an amazing resource itself as a fully vetted pool of freelance professionals interested in working with authors to create quality books.

Lastly, Mark Dawson wrapped up the day with his top tips to avoid. It’s always fun to hear that even those at the top made a few mistakes on the way.

The whole day was accessible, informative, and fun. As this was the inaugural show, I have to give Mark Dawson, James Blatch and Jim Dyer from the Self Publishing Show a huge round of applause for putting together such a professional event. I’d thoroughly recommend any writer that wants to make their writing into something more than a hobby to try to attend next year’s show.

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