Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2014

For our final post of 2014 we thought we’d look back at our most popular posts. This will be measured by post views however, we will be ignoring our monthly Submissions & Competitions posts as they go out of date very quickly and aren’t very interesting once we post the next one so let’s get started!

Writing Advice

Do You Need More Conflict?

Do You Need More Conflict?
Image from Writers Write


In many ways the question above is one of the most important questions any fiction writer can ask themselves about their work. Story comes from conflict so if there isn’t enough conflict then your story will probably be boring and uninteresting to your readers. We’ll look into this issue, and how to solve the problem below!

Writing Workshops

2015 Writing Workshops from Janis Mackay

2015 Writing Workshops with Janis MackayCreative writing tutor Janis Mackay  recently contacted us to say that she is running lots of creative writing workshops next year. We know our members have really enjoyed the times Janis has visited WLW so we thought we would share some details about the workshops here. They split into five different categories:

  • One Year Novel Writing Course
  • One Day Short Story Workshops
  • One Day Writing Workshops
  • Writing Workshop for Children
  • One Day Creative Writing Workshops for Adults wishing to Write for Children.

You can find more information about Janis’ workshops by downloading her flyer here or by clicking below.

Meetings Writing Exercises

WLW Meeting 09/12/2014

For a the first time in a month or so our web monkey actually made it to a meeting of WLW. He was very happy to hear that we have a new member, Mitra and even more excited to hear that Eric was having his novel A Clear Solution published next year. Well done Eric! There were seven people along this week to hear some great writing, including some very funny comedy and do a quick exercise around the concept of Show, not Tell.