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The Guardian’s Ten Rules For Writing Fiction

The Guardian's Ten Rules For Writing Fiction

Back in 2010 The Guardian posted a series of articles called Ten Rules For Writing Fiction. Inspired by Elmore Leonard’s book 10 Rules of Writing, which we’ll post below, The Guardian asked other famous authors what their ten rules were. As you’ll see when click on the two articles not all of them have ten rules and some of the rules are far from helpful – even if they are meant in a nice way.


WLW Meeting 18/03/2014

WLW Meeting 18/03/2014This week saw a great turn out of eight people including a new member Jordan who we had met at the West Lothian Write last Friday.

This Week’s News

We’ll start with some good news first. One of our former members Emma Mooney has been signed by Crooked Cat Publishing for her book The Beautiful Game (working title!) Well done to Emma from all of us at West Lothian Writers.

Talking of books, our own book, From The Purple Notebook was launched last Friday and is already getting great feedback. If you wish to purchase a copy you can do so here.

Also our treasurer Eric has had the short story that his novel Soul Rider is based on accepted by the Sci Fi magazine Nebula Rift. We’ll add a link to the story on his author’s page when it is published. Well done Eric!

Our chair Stephen has been invited to read at Black Out, a candlelit evening of poetry readings, spoken word and dark storytelling all in aid of Earth Hour 2014, on the 29th of March. If you would like tickets get in contact with Stephen.

Anne’s play What Will We Do About Mum? will be performed the following day at the Bathgate Regal Theatre. Make sure you get your ticket.

The BBC are holding a comedy writing competition called Room to Write which you can find about here.

Tonight’s Reading

  • Atholl Brose – an extract from Jenifer‘s novel. Alexander decides he needs to escape for a while after breaking up with Fleur.
  • Second Chances – a Sci-fi piece of flash fiction by Stephen. A woman goes in search of a second chance from the Monks of Between Time
  • Cold Outside – a Stargate fan-fic by Stacey set at Christmas to the song It’s Cold Outside
  • The Jump – a poem about a man contemplating life by our newest member Jordan.
  • You Can’t Catch Me – a lovely story from Sally about the life of a turtle from egg to parenthood.

See you at our next meeting on the 1st of April!

Submissions & Competitions

Room to Write

Room To Write


Room to Write is an exciting new opportunity to work with BBC Scotland’s Comedy Production team and to be part of a brand new BBC Comedy and BBC Writersroom initiative, where 10–20 comedy writers will work with us, and each other, in creating the next wave of Scottish comedy shows. Successful writers will get a rare opportunity to learn from some great people, including writers Jack Docherty and Susan Calman, and to be part of an exclusive online comedy writing forum where they will gain excellent feedback and have their work read by Comedy Producers.

Writing Advice

Why I Joined West Lothian Writers

Why I Joined West Lothian WritersNot that we like to blow our own trumpet but we thought you might be interested in reading about the experiences of one of our old members and what he got out of West Lothian Writers. Written by Robert Breustedt this article can be found in From The Purple Notebook, our first collection.

Why I Joined West Lothian Writers

Trying to strike up a conversation with the person seated next to him at a dinner party, the late Peter Cook asked, “What are you doing at the moment?” The person replied that he was writing a book, to which Cook rejoined, “Neither am I.”

Writing Workshops

Durhamhill’s Writing Course in South West Scotland‏

Durhamhill's Writing Course

Durhamhill’s Writing Course

This is your chance to make the start to the writing you always promised yourself. With the support of two experienced and widely published tutors and in the beautiful tranquil setting of Durhamhill you couldn’t have a finer opportunity for discovering your writing potential. And for the many writers who flourished on last year’s successful courses, this is the chance to enjoy Durhamhill again and further hone your skills on a 3 day residential workshop.

Writing Advice

How to Be Creative in 5 Steps with John Cleese

How to Be Creative in 5 Steps with John CleeseHere on West Lothian Writers’ we love taking advice from professional writers as they know one or two things about writing. Today’s we have a talk from one of the world’s funniest writers John Cleese. In the 40 minute presentation below, Cleese talks about how to be creative and the five steps he uses to enter the creative open mode. That and more is below the cut.


WLW Meeting 04/03/2014

After last week’s meeting with Allan Guthrie we returned to our usual meeting which saw a great turn out of nine people including a new member Stacey.

This Week’s News

A week on Friday is the next West Lothian Write at the Howden Park Centre. It is a great night as you get to hear some of the best local writing in the area with many of our own members reading from their work.

You can now buy tickets for Anne E. Edwards’ play What Will We Do About Mum? from the Bathgate Regal Box Office. If you would like more information about the play check out the webpage all about it on this website.

WLW Meeting 04/03/2014Tonight’s Readers

  • Lost Property – a story from John intended for children aged 8 to 10. Gareth plays truant from school after falling out with a substitute teacher.
  • Bridezilla Whisperer – the latest instatement of Mary’s novel. Fearing that she won’t be paid Samantha uses her client’s memory stick that she would to check up on her.
  • Biography of Mother  – Chris continues his recollections about his mother’s funny anecdotes. Tonight’s tale reveals her love of tomatoes
  • Soul Rider – the next chapter of Eric‘s sci-fi novel. Fiona decides to use her credit fortune to purchase the eponymous Soul Helmet although she’ll have to negotiate her way through dangerous criminal realms if she is to be successful.
  • Dark Entry – the opening chapter of Anne’s novel. Alisa and Euan decide to spend a year observing sea birds on the Hebridean island of Sulaire.

Hopefully see everyone at our next meeting on the 18th of March.