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What Will We Do About Mum?

old lady in redcoat

A thought provoking and sometimes humorous play about Alzheimers.

Short Q&A with Ellen Glass former Matron of an elderly care home in Livingston, where audience members are invited to discuss issues raised by the play.

The Plot

When Archie Parker dies, his wife Margaret’s dementia becomes apparent to the family. The three daughters all struggle in different ways with their Mums diagnosis. Elizabeth is practical and organised, but is she too quick to take over? Katherine is in complete denial even when faced with a crises she refuses to believe her strong capable mother could be frail and forgetful. Dorothy is preoccupied with her own family and does not feel that Mum is her responsibility. When Elizabeth goes on holiday her sisters are left to manage events out with their control. How will they cope as they ask themselves: what will we do about Mum?

The Cast (in alphabetical order)

Kate Blake as Elizabeth
Ann Davies as Katherine
Christopher Gorman as Malcolm
Jenifer Harley as Mrs Corbie
Fiona McLeary as Dorothy
Sarah McLeary as Lucy

Written and Directed by Anne Edwards

Date: Sunday 30th March at 7pm

Locations: Bathgate Regal Theatre

Tickets £6

To buy a tickets call the Bathgate Regal on Bathgate Regal 01506 630085 or visit the Bathgate Regal Website here

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