West Lothian Write – 20/03/2015

Anyone who checks out our meeting round ups will see that we talk about West Lothian Write quite a bit (eight mentions at time of writing) so we thought we’d do a wee round up about the event and the pieces read by our members.

West Lothian Write

West Lothian Write - 20/03/2015The aim of the night is to give local West Lothian Writers the chance to share their work with an audience. The latest event was hosted by Dennis O’Donnell, a writer who has been working with West Lothian Council, at the Howden Park Centre.

Some of the writers who perform their work come from groups like West Lothian Writers (as you’ll see below there were quite a few of us) while others are individuals, many reading for the first time. In total there were about 15 performers in total.

The Work Read By Our Members

  • A Clear Solution – an extract from Eric‘s upcoming novel. Daniel goes for a job interview but everything doesn’t go to plan.
  • The Snails Move Out and Citadel – a couple of poems from Ian. The first poem was inspired by snails on a rainy day while the second is a tribute to to urban poetry
  • Barter Days – a recollection of Chris’ Mum and Dad on holiday in Italy.
  • The Day I Left – a poem by Sue about the day her family left her childhood home
  • Glass Faeries – a short story by our chair Stephen describing the results of Kirsty and Hazel’s break up.

Next West Lothian Write

The next West Lothian Write is on the 21st of August and you can book your reading slot now by contacting the Howden Park Centre Box Office.

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